Why Ardyss International

Ardyss International is a network marketing company that sells girdle corsets, as well as antioxidant juice such as LeVive.

By now, you must have heard of the different ways by which you can earn money through network marketing. There are many different companies that are currently offering different opportunities for those who wish to start their own business without having to leave their own home. Just think about it, you get to spend more time with your family and provide for them, all at the same time, through your online business. What could be better? Because of the fact that there are numerous companies offering this opportunity with varying compensation plans, there are also many people who get confused by it. The point is that every person who has ever tried network marketing only wants to earn a significant amount of money. Thus, they look for the ones that have the best compensation. This is where Ardyss International comes in. This small business started back in 1989 in Mexico and is now well known as the company that produces the top weight loss garment, Body Magic. Not only do they produce the body magic, they also produce other girdles and corsets as well.  It is one of the older companies that provide top products related to health and wellness. So you would like to place an order now, try shopping at Ardyss Body Magic Shop.

However, they are not just here to sell their products as they can also provide a person with the means to generate profit. To get started with your own Ardyss business, you would have to become a member, which would cost you around $30. Another option would be the Ardyss autoship wherein you’ll be able to purchase Ardyss products at a wholesale price and the items would be automatically shipped to you on a monthly basis. The autoship would cost you around $100 depending on your rank. The third option available to you would be the power pack association, which would cost you around $299 plus tax and the shipping costs for your new distributor kit. One of Ardyss International’s most popular products, the LeVive Juice, is an antioxidant drink, which brings together the powers of the acai berry, goji berry, mangosteen, noni berry, and pomegranate. It is one of their top sellers. The best thing about these products is the fact that they are all natural, and thus people are likely to purchase them instead of going for diet pills and other artificial means of weight loss. In fact, you can give it a try to see for yourself just how effective it is. This would help you market what you’re trying to sell better.

The business, Ardyss International, has already had a lengthy history and there are certainly great products to be considered. Through this fact, alone, you can already assume that it stands as a great candidate for being one of the most profitable partnerships that you can join. Of course, simply being a part of the company would not guarantee your success as a network marketer because it will take more than that. Ultimately, your success lies in your hands and how well you are able to market their products. Think about it, you already have it easy since people are likely to recognize the brand. It’s up to you to get them to actually try and purchase them. Learn more about the different marketing strategies and the business techniques that successful marketers use. In other words, invest as much of your time and effort as you can. You’ll surely reap its rewards in the end.

Ardyss – The positive change in your life

Are you upset because of being fat and having an un-shapely body?  Do you feel embarrassed in public or among your friends when you see them dressed in tight and body-hugging clothes, while you wear loose clothes to hide your fat and problem areas? Well, first and foremost, you must try and get the negativity out of your mind. There are a billion people like you all over the world who are suffering from the same problem, and are looking for an effective way to solve it. Fortunately for all such people, the answer now comes in the Body Magic range from Ardyss International.

Ardyss Body Magic Reviewed

Body Magic – An Overall Review
Everyone wants to look their best for a special occasion, that is when the body magic can help. Special occasions usually merit photographs, and the last thing anyone wants is incontrovertible, lasting photographic evidence that it’s time to go on a diet. But most people believe that the only way to avoid getting caught in a less-than-flattering photograph is to go on a strict diet weeks or even months before the big day. But not everyone has the time (or, let’s face it, the discipline) to lose a lot of weight before a special occasion. That’s why there has been so much buzz lately about Body Magic – the ultimate girdle for women.

Ardyss Body Magic vs. Other Girdles

What’s the Difference between the body magic and the other girdles?
With body magic you can lose up to 3 dress sizes instantly. They say that the best way to lose weight is to exercise regularly and have a healthy diet. While this is true, not everyone has the time to lose weight the right way before a big event. That’s why girdles have become so popular in recent days. They provide a temporary fix for your appearance before you start seeing the results from your diet and exercise regimen. Body Magic is a particularly popular brand of girdle, but there are also many other competitors out there. So how do you make sure to choose the right one? You have to make a comparison: Body Magic vs. other girdles.