Thank you for considering making a donation to support the work of CSG

    Is my donation Tax Deductible?

    CSG is not a registered US 501(c)3 organization. Donations are therefore not tax deductible.

    How much of my Donation actually goes to CSG projects?

    CSG does not have any paid staff. Staff that work on CSG programs are employed by either SEED or Helping Hands Tours and Safaris, or are volunteers. Excluding what is deducted by Paypal and other wiring costs, all of your donation goes directly to CSG project expenses (e.g. mosquito nets and medications for distribution, school and cleanup materials)

    Can I choose which projects I want to support?

    Yes! Below you will find only three donation 'buttons.' However, if you make a donation and want it to go to one project in particular, send us an email after you make your donation saying that.

    How will I know if CSG received my Donation?

    We will email you within two to three days of donation receipt.

    More Questions?

    Email us here. Or visit our contact page to ask a question of any of our staff.

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