Community Support Group:

    Community Support Group (CSG) began in 2001 as an effort by Kibera youth to promote sustainable development by pooling resources within the community. The organization does receive outside funds, but it is not reliant on them. Instead it uses grants and donations as a way of bolstering programs that already exist, or as seed money for new efforts.


    CSG operates as an umbrella organization for different programs that it helps start. Each program is financially autonomous but works in coordination with other programs where it is efficient to do so.


    These programs have been very varied in scale and scope. CSG’s first project was funded by the Canadian High Commission, and worked to promote mushroom cultivation in Kibera. Later CSG teamed with American doctors from Kaiser Permanente to form the Matibabu Clinic, which runs the longest annual free medical clinic in Kenya.
    Other programs have included Project Pamoja, a performance troupe that uses music and dance for HIV/AIDs outreach, and the SEED school, a free primary school for Kibera’s most vulnerable.

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